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Amakin means ‘places' in Arabic but the name can be used to represent togetherness, home, peace, and rest making it the perfect representation of the place you go to find inner peace and tranquility.

Each AMAKIN collection is based on a city around the globe and its unique scent profile. What makes a city special, its essence, and how its scents evoke different emotions such as nostalgia and wanderlust. The collections are designed to create a sense of place by capturing natural ingredients from that location bringing the ultimate travel experience straight to your home.

AMAKIN is a luxury home fragrances that was founded in 2020. In a time of upheaval, the founder creates wanderlust for people to find comfort and beauty without leaving their homes. Inspired by the founder Amal's long and deep history of perfumes and fragrances in the Middle East and her family roots inspired by her Arabian heritage, she has extensively traveled worldwide while researching fragrance recipes from different cultures and countries. The mission of AMAKIN is to offer something different: high-quality, artisanal product lines that give off an authentic mood and create unforgettable moments. 

Every candle is individually touched by hand and receives a delicate balance of waxes creating the ultimate scent profile and the perfect consistency for an even burn each time you light the candle. 

Our candles are made in Grasse, France, by our master perfumers mixing the finest natural ingredients to create unforgettable scent profiles. Our luxury glass containers are made in France, providing the ultimate container for our premium wax.

It is easy to purchase AMAKIN products exclusively on our webshop online. The online store offers the full line of AMAKIN products, including lim ited editions, special offers, and accessories.


The first time you burn your AMAKIN candle, allow it to burn for at least two hours, until the whole top is liquid with wax. This will help your candle burn more evenly the next time.

Before lighting your AMAKIN candle, trim the wick to 1/4-inch length.

AMAKIN candles are made to burn longer than most traditional candles. Our candles, on average last from 65 hours with a proper burn.

Head over to the blog section to learn more about proper candle care and instructions on maintaining your candle. 


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Once we receive your order, AMAKIN will email your order number to you. Please quote this order number in all correspondence. The customer will receive a tracking number from the shipping company. Also the customer should always contact us if there is an issue with the order number. You can contact our customer services team at crew@amakin.store with regards to your query. 


Please see shipping methods during checkout for full details of the AMAKIN delivery rates and services. We can offer express shipping. Just send us an email at crew@amakin.store and we will process your request. 

We hope that you are satisfied with your order, if not we are happy to return it within 14 days after you receive your package. Please get in touch with crew@amakin.store for return instructions. All returned goods will be examined upon receipt. We will not provide a full refund if the goods show signs of unreasonable use, such as opened packaging. Customers are responsible for return shipping costs.