Know How

Experience our journey first hand and the essential steps taken to create the highest quality products available 

Step 1: Taken directly from their raw natural form with precision and care to ensure the delicate dance of preserving mother nature's most precious and vital sources. From the tulip fields of Amsterdam to the pristine roses of Kenya and everywhere else in between.

Step 2: Our master perfumers in France carefully extract the fragrant oils, mixing, testing, and cultivating the perfect formula with the highest level of quality.

Step 3: A delicate balancing act of matching the intensity of our scents with the appropriate premium mineral wax, our candles are handcrafted to uniquely fuse together creating a one-of-a-kind final product that is a harmony of oil and wax becoming one truly unique luxury product. 

Step 4: Every single candle is perfected by our skilled team and tested for quality by a professional. Finally our distinctive candles are poured into premium hand-crafted glass from France.  


Step 5: Into your home. Our journey ends with knowing that our dedicated and passionate team of dreamers has created something truly indescribable. When you light an AMAKIN candle in your home, we hope your soul feels the love and care we put into ensuring you receive the best highest quality product available today.