6 Surprising Health Benefits of Candles

6 Surprising Health Benefits of Candles


For many, the benefits of candles are numerous. They not only make your home smell good (although that's reason enough!) but they can also help you relax, set the mood for a romantic evening or create a more peaceful environment to get some work done. The benefits include:

1. Reduce anxiety: burning scented candles increases serotonin levels which has been shown to reduce anxiety!

2. Improve sleep quality: the flickering candlelight can help induce sleepiness - making them great for those of us who have trouble falling asleep at night!

3. Lower stress levels: Candles produce an aromatic smell, which has been shown to reduce stress levels in both adults and children. who doesn't need a little less stress in their life?!

4. Improve mood: Scented candles are a great way to alleviate symptoms of stress and promote relaxation. They can also stimulate chemicals in the brain, like serotonin and dopamine, which will lead you into an overall positive mood!

5. Stimulate memory: candles can evoke memories from the past through their scents. The limbic system is where memory and emotions reside, so it's no wonder that a scent would trigger an emotional response or remind one of something in particular.

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