Creating The Right Color Palette For Your Home

Creating The Right Color Palette For Your Home

What are the colors that reflect your style? Do you like relaxing tones, or bold hues to spice things up a bit? Discovering which color scheme is best for you may seem daunting at first. However, it's not as complicated as one would imagine. With these easy tricks on how to choose an appropriate hue palette, anyone can create their own world with vibrant personality!


 Find Inspiration for Your Color Scheme

One of the best ways to create an aesthetically pleasing color scheme is by using a design that you're already in love with. Whether it's artwork, rugs, or even photos on your phone - find what speaks to you and then replicate those colors throughout your space for a balanced look. Pay attention not only how many shades there are but also their proportions so they'll be well-balanced when used together as one cohesive palette!


Colors Affect Your Mood

You might not know it, but the color of your home actually has a huge impact on how you feel while you are there. Studies show that lighter colors (think beiges and whites) make people happy because they give off an air of freshness when compared to darker shades like blacks or navy blues. If you love darker colors try adding smaller accent pieces like an ottoman or throw pillow that can help make the room pop. 


Consider How Light Affects Colors

Some color schemes will look different depending on the lighting in your room. Experiment with how natural light or artificial lights from lamps and recessed fixtures affect colors for fabrics, paint, furniture, and other surfaces to find a scheme that you lovee

Not Ready to Commit 

What if you could bring color into your space without compromising the integrity of your walls? There are plenty of ways to add splashes of color without a big commitment: rugs, furniture, lamps and pillows. If you keep your walls neutral – pale, beiges, sand, ivories, greys, and whites -you can introduce colors that reflect personal preference while still staying true to neutral tones.

 Color has a major impact on the mood and aesthetic of your home. It's important to take this into consideration when choosing colors for things like paint or upholstery. But it goes beyond that! The right accessories in your decorating scheme will help tie everything together with minimal effort. Candles are a chic and easy accessory you can add in any room and can match wonderfully with your personal color palette. 



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