Does The Size of a Candle Matter?

Your candle is an important part of your home's ambiance. It can set the mood for a romantic evening with dinner, or provide some warmth and light on a cold day. But candles are not all created equal! One may last hours while another barely lasts 10 minutes. One might be too large to fit on your end table while the other might be too small to fill up an entire room. So how do you know which size of candle will work best in your space?  


Have you ever had a candle that smells incredible when you are near it but as soon as you walk across the other side of the room the fragrance is gone? The larger the surface area of your candle, the more space it can fill with scent. You can maximize your candle’s scent-filling ability by making sure it has a large surface. Keep in mind that size matters not only for the quality of wax and fragrance, but also how much space you want to fill with sweet smelling goodness!