How Smells Trigger Memories and Emotions

The sense of smell is powerful--so much so that it may actually change your mood and help you process memories. This is because the scent receptors in our noses are directly connected to areas of our brain associated with processing emotions and learning as well as storing long-term memory. This might help explain why smells trigger strong emotional responses for many people: it's because those same parts of our brains which store these memories are activated by certain fragrances!


From the smell of fresh cinnamon cookies in your kitchen during the holiday season to the citrus trees along the Amalfi Coast, or the lavender laden fields in Aix-en-Provence, scents can take us back to some happy memories or inspire new and much needed ones! 


The easiest way to bring these memories into your home is through the power of fragrance. Scents from candles can evoke emotional responses, stimulate your desire to travel or help you reminisce on your favorite locations. You can bring these memories home by using fragrances inspired by places that have captured your heart or remind you of spending quality time with friends and family. The next time you're feeling nostalgia, head down to your local florist for some gorgeous flowers, bake your favorite cookies or light that amazing candle! You will feel better in no time.