How To Create Your Own Candle Ritual

How To Create Your Own Candle Ritual


Why not take five minutes to yourself today? You deserve it. Spending some quality time with your thoughts, feelings and desires can be really rewarding in the end - even if you're feeling down or tired from life's pressures! A simple candle ritual could help motivate us all into being more gentle on ourselves so that we don't miss out on what makes life beautiful.


The art of burning a candle is more than just lighting up the wick and watching it burn. The power behind this simple action connects you to something profound, because candles represent creation itself: They hold fire which represents both our inner light as well an external source for illumination and inspiration. 


Basic Steps for a Candle Ritual:


Step 1: Cleanse Your Space 

Before starting a ritual, you want to ensure that you're starting off with a clean space that is free of mess and clutter.

Step 2: Set Your Intensions  

Light your candle and focus on your breathing. Focus your attention on the purpose of this ritual. During these moments, identify which energies you want to release or bring into yourself by focusing solely and consciously for 30 seconds in order make space for what’s coming next!

Step 3: Begin Your Ritual 

After lighting your AMAKIN candle and breathing in grounding breaths, take out a piece of paper to write something you desire. This could be as simple as manifesting a new job or being grateful for all the moments that have brought joy to you. The first step should always involve manifesting new opportunities by asking yourself what I want then releasing all negativity including self sabotage/judgement when writing down these desires.

Step 4: Close Your Ritual 

As you breathe in, visualize your grounding energy wrapping itself around the candle. As you exhale and blow out the flame with each deep breath, release any negative energies from this day that have been weighing on you in order to make room for new energy and opportunities. Now that you feel grounded and in a clearer headspace, you can close your candle ritual by taking one more cleansing breath and reflecting on your process. 


The Bottom Line

 Lighting candles can help you feel a sense of calm and help you connect with yourself and guide you through self-care. This ritual can be a simple part of your routine to help you feel more grounded and connected within. Try a candle ritual now with the Amsterdam or Dubai candle.


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